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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shots, Shots and More Shots!

Today Chandler and I got our travel immunizations. I got 7 and he only needed 3. I got boosters for MMR, Polio,DpT and Hep A. I also got meningitis, typhoid and yellow fever. I had already had Hep B and part of Hep A. It is recommended that adults born after 1957 have boosters for MMR and Polio. Chandler only needed typhoid, yellow fever and meningitis. He just turned 10 and wil be due for a Dt next year. Kids under 11 aren't supposed to have the DpT, I guess. Meningitis is good to have though, even here in the US. I paid for the yellow fever and the typhoid (I was really suprised just how much the shots were!)and I am hopeful that my insurance will pay for the others as routine vacs. I thought it would raise a red flag if I submitted all of them and they don't pay for travel vacs. We also got scripts for doxycycline to take for malaria and antibiotic prescriptions in case we get ill there. Only 20 days till court! Can you tell I'm excited!

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Rachel said...

Hi Kelly! I am a new reader. I found your blog through the yahoo Ethiopian adoption forum. My husband and I are in the home study phase of adopting from Ethiopia. It will be our first child (of many, we hope!) .

I am so glad that you passed court! What a wonderful day! Hope you don't mind if I read along! :)