Kombulcha & Bete Hisenete there, Addis

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A journey defined...

We have finally decided that Ethiopia will be where we will find one more son. We requested and received our dossier back from Vietnam. We were hoping to reuse some of the documents, but they were all stamped up, so we will have to start over with those. I was able to order a certified birth certificate from Maryland online which is really convienent. Maryland has a longer process because I have to then send it to two different places and inbetween returning to me. So it will take several weeks to get that taken care of. Unfortunately, Minnesota is not so convienent and we have to mail in notarized forms to get Kenny's birth certificate and our marriage certificate. We will be meeting with our socialworker this Wednesday to update our homestudy from Vietnam to Ethiopia. It is very exciting to have the hope of another child again, but also very daunting to go through this process all over again. Once our homestudy is updated, we will send it to USCIS to have our I-171H also changed to Ethiopia. We also need to get new medicals and employment letters, which isn't so bad, except I hate inconvienencing people with having to get them notarized. My goal is to have all of our dossier documents together in 30 days.