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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last of the paperwork and more waiting!!!

We received our new 1-171H this past Thursday. This is the last piece of paperwork we needed to complete our file. Now we wait to be assigned a court date. His remaining family member must come to the court hearing, so the courts can verify he is an orphan. As long as the family member is there and they have all the neccessary paperwork, the adoption will be finalized under Ethiopian law. Right now I am seeing court dates as far out as Late April, so it makes me nervous, because it could be as much as a month later before we could travel to get him. We really want him here by May since I have the summer off. Next post to announce our court date and hopefully soon!

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Dawn said...

CONGRATS!!! The "Golden Ticket" of international adoption!! How long did it take to get your I-171H? Ours took MONTHS.