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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Closing in on the paperwork chase.....

Well, I think I am going to make my 30 day goal to have all our paperwork into WACAP. We have sent out all of our out of state paperwork to be authenticated and should be ready to get our local paperwork autheticated next week. We did find out that we have to send our homestudy back through the courts since we changed countries and age of child we are requesting. I am hoping the courts will do it quickly and not require a re-certification which is $350. Arizona is one of the few states that requires the courts to be involved in an international adoption. We are sooo anxious to get our paperwork to WACAP, so we can be considered "waiting". Kenny has been working on the second captains bed to prepare for our hopefully quick referral and then I can put the finishing touches on the surfer theme room. I hope I can blog next week and say, "Our paperwork is on its way to WACAP!"

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